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"We’ve just celebrated 10 years with FCA Scotland and we’ve loved every single moment."

We sit down with foster carer couple Anne and Chris to find out more about their story, including how many children they’ve fostered and their favourite memory in the last 10 years of fostering with FCA Scotland.

October 21 2021 - 5 min read

What made you consider fostering and how did you go about this?

We had been thinking about fostering for a long time, but we kept finding reasons as to not just now, maybe once the boys leave home. Our friend sadly passed away so it made us ask ourselves what are we really waiting for. We now wish we had decided to start much sooner.

Why did you choose FCA Scotland?

We researched a few companies and local authorities,  FCA Scotland got back to us quickly and we felt a positive connection right away.

How long have you been fostering with FCA Scotland?

We have just celebrated 10 years with FCA Scotland. 10 years that honestly seems so much less! We’ve loved every single moment, even the tough times. They make you grow as a person and we are so proud that we make lots of differences to our young peoples' lives. No matter what that is. Every small achievement they have is heart warming to witness, and we celebrate with them.

How many children have you fostered?

We have fostered 11 children, and have helped with others through short break placements.

What types of placements have you had/do you have now?

We usually have short term placements, short term doesn’t mean a few weeks it can mean 2 or 3 years even longer depending on a child’s personal needs.

What support do you receive from FCA Scotland?

FCA Scotland are extremely supportive, there’s always someone at the end of the phone. Everyone is focused on the same thing - ensuring the children in our care get the best care possible and we are supported through this too.

What is your experience of fostering as a whole with FCA Scotland?

The past 10 years have flown by. We have enjoyed all our experiences, even though we’ve faced and dealt with some tough times. We’ve always felt proud to foster and help children in our care be the best they can be and focus on happiness, making memories with them and staying positive. We have gained as much as the children we’ve helped.

What has been your favourite memory of fostering so far?

My favourite memory has to be helping a 5 year old non-verbal autistic boy find his voice and getting him to speak. This enabled him to move up to the next class at school, he also found it easier in mixing with other children as they understood him better. My heart just about burst with pride watching him grow in confidence.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of fostering with FCA Scotland?

Do it, you’ll never look back and regret your decision. You’ll be surrounded by the best team. All us carers have your back and can give advice or guidance when needed, or pour you a cuppa and give you an ear when needed, and will celebrate all you achieve!

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Thinking about starting your fostering journey?

24/7 local support, excellent ongoing training and competitive allowances are just a few of the reasons why you should choose FCA Scotland for your fostering journey.


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