Solo fostering

Virtually all foster children just like many children can place big demands on their parents. That much is common in all types of fostering, with many children having additional emotional or behavioural issues because of their past experiences. Sometimes, these experiences will have had such a strong and powerful effect that the child or young person needs more intense support and closer supervision than normal.

What is solo fostering?

In these cases, it’s often important for the child or young person to be a ‘solo’ placement - in other words,  they’re the only child in the home. That means solo fostering is usually only suitable for foster carers without other children (biological or fostered) in their home. They’re also best suited to people with high degrees of patience and a real passion for working with challenging children.

With hard work and commitment, lives can be transformed sometimes quickly, and this type of fostering can offer some intense but also inspirational experiences for everyone involved.

As you can imagine, children on solo placements need plenty of care and individual attention. While the foster carer provides much of this, they’re also supported with additional resources from FCA Scotland, including closer monitoring from social workers and therapists.


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