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At FCA Scotland we are one big family. One where everyone has a voice. When you foster with us, you’ll enjoy the sense of involvement that comes from joining a stable and long-established agency with unrivalled resources, which equally treats you as an individual with tailored wrap-around services to you.

Many of our staff have been with us for years, so you won’t have to face regular upheaval with new staff coming and going, and have the continuity of your dedicated supervising social worker.

Since our inception twenty years ago, we’ve supported hundreds of new foster carer households and provided children and young people with brighter and happier futures.

Meet the FCA Scotland Team...

Amanda, Registered Manager

"Prior to working with FCA Scotland, I worked with a local authority in a fostering department for 11 years. When I heard about FCA Scotland, they were a new independent fostering provider who made sure that children and young people had immediate access to therapy, education, and children's support. It was this wrap-around service that was something I wanted to be part of to make a positive difference to the lives of children."

"One thing that hasn't changed over FCA Scotland's 20 years is the passion and ambition for children and young people. For the future, I would like us to continue to offer safe, quality care, and in a family setting. Also, I would like us to improve on our pledge to the Promise, listening to the voices of the children, with this going from strength to strength. We aim to make a difference not only to the children and young people of FCA, but the whole sector of fostering in Scotland.”

Amanda, Fostering Service Manager

"One of the things that struck me when I came to work at FCA Scotland, was the high number of children who were in long-term or permanent placement with our foster carers. This reflects the commitment and resilience of our carers, and it's great for our children to have a stable and loving home."

"At FCA Scotland we have a lot to offer; from a dedicated supervising social worker that will work with you and your family, to our out-of-hours service offering 24-hour support and a comprehensive training programme and carer support groups."

Lynne, Education Coordinator

"I love working with the young people, carers, and staff - we all have that one shared goal of making things better and improving things, showing young people opportunities that are there for them. Also, trying to create those opportunities for young people. I've been able to watch young people make decisions about their future. They've been able to stay in care a lot longer which is great for them, they are able to grow and move on when they are ready.”

Niki, Recruitment Officer

"I've been here that long that I know the carers when they come in. It's great that you are part of their life story."

"We've got a hugely experienced team who are so child-focused, everyone works together for the children. We are giving them a childhood, and that's what it's all about."

Anne Mullady, Supervising Social Worker

"What attracted me to FCA Scotland was their holistic support network around foster carers and staff. As a member of staff, I really like that we also have that support to help us grow our knowledge working with foster carers and children."

Michelle, Supervising Social Worker

"FCA Scotland has got really good support for everyone. Families coming through who are starting their journey get a huge amount of support from their assessor, through the training that's provided - there's just a huge support network around them.”

Dot, Administrator 

"I like the ethos of FCA Scotland. They are trying to make a difference in kids and acknowledge that every child deserves to be happy, no matter their circumstances and where they come from. It’s a real team effort, everyone pulls together.”

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