LGBTQI fostering

We believe that people from all walks of life make fantastic foster carers and we welcome enquiries from the LGBTQI community.

Totally committed to diversity

Right now, we have many children and young people being supported by LGBTQI families in the FCA Scotland network. They’re doing an excellent job, and that’s why we’re keen to recruit more people from the LGBTQI community. In many cases their life experiences mean they’re able to connect with children who have also faced prejudice, discrimination and challenges in their lives, so they have a lot to offer. In addition, some foster children are also questioning their own sexual identity and it can be really helpful to share this with people who understand their situation.

FCA Scotland is part of Polaris, a community of specialist fostering companies. We’re an inclusive employer fully committed to equality and diversity in every single aspect of our work. We can’t stress this enough: we welcome applications from anyone and everyone who believes they can play in part in supporting and developing a vulnerable child or young person, and we’re very open to applications from the LGBTQI community.

Importantly, this includes single males who may think they’re excluded from applying. Not so. Our fostering team includes single males, straight, gay and bi-sexual, and we have plenty of room for more!

Your application will be treated in exactly the same way we treat everyone else’s, and you’ll have exactly the same access to our support, training and services. The only thing we’re interested in is your empathy, patience and ability to provide a safe and caring home to a vulnerable young person. That’s all that matters to the children we look after too.

We take real pride in listening to the many different voices and viewpoints across our organisation. It makes us stronger and encourages everyone to feel as though they really belong. Gay, straight, bisexual or transgender, single, married or in a partnership, you’ll experience the same sense of involvement.

Can I foster if I'm single?

We know that there are a lot of single people out there - male and female, including single parents – who have thought about fostering but have been put off from applying because they think we’d prefer married couples or people in partnerships. If that’s you, please think again. And if you’re male, especially, please don’t think you’re at a disadvantage. All potential foster carers come to us as equals, and they’re all treated as equals too.

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How to become a foster carer

To become a foster carer there are six steps you’ll complete, the process can take between four and six months.

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Why foster?

Becoming a foster carer is an amazing opportunity to give a child or young person the new start they need

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Fostering finance calculator

The amount you receive in foster care payments varies from placement to placement. We understand that some children have more challenging needs and requirements than others, and that sometimes you’ll need a helping hand. Factors such as this, along with the age of the child being placed with you and the type of placement, can all affect the allowances and fostering payments you’ll receive.

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