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Specialist fostering

In many ways, all fostering is specialist. However, when we talk about specialist fostering we refer to roles which present particular challenges and which call for specific skills and patience.

What is specialist fostering?

Fostering children with disabilities, complex health or physical needs or challenging behaviours

These children may have a life-limiting disability which needs a regular care routine and physical lifting. Others might have a hearing or sight disability. We also include learning disabilities in this type of fostering, including ADHD and autism, so the range of challenges is wide.

Their parents might find it very difficult to cope and so need support perhaps just for a short while, sometimes more permanently. As well as supporting the child in their day-to-day lives, foster carers also need to help the child keep in touch with their birth parents.

Calling for huge amounts of care, compassion and patience, this type of fostering often involves handling medications and managing complex care routines, so it’s especially demanding on your time and commitment. Because of mobility issues, some children might also need a downstairs bedroom or bathroom, or other adaptations to the foster carers’ home, so you can see it’s a big undertaking.

Children With Disabilities being supported

Ensuring you have the right support and training to fostering a disabled child

Needless to say, FCA Scotland offers exceptional support, ranging from disability social workers and occupational therapists through to local support groups. You’ll also benefit from dedicated training in relevant areas, including sign language and medical and behavioural issues. And  because children with disabilities often require specialist educational needs, you’ll have the backing and support of our  professionals.

People often ask us if this type of fostering is open to people with disabilities of their own. The answer’s yes, provided it won’t compromise the health and well-being of you or the child in your care. In many cases, having a disability is an advantage, as it gives real insight into the child’s experiences. Discover more about fostering with a disability.

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Fostering Allowances

You’ll receive a generous fostering payment for every week a child or young person is in your care, designed to reward your professionalism and commitment.

Find out more about our fostering allowances here.

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How to start fostering a children with disabilities

To become a foster carer the first step is to fill out our online form and we’ll be in touch to talk to you more about fostering, check you meet the initial criteria to foster and of course answer any questions you may have.

Our team will then arrange to visit you at home, so find out in more depth about fostering and also give us the opportunity to get to know you better. You’ll then need to fill in an application form and, if accepted, you’ll start your full fostering assessment.

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