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Language that Cares

At FCA Scotland we have launched our Language that Cares Charter in consultation with children and young people to help ensure that we all use language which is more positive and more importantly, sanctioned by our children and young people.

February 20 2023 - 4 min read

You said...we listened 

Children and young people across FCA Scotland and the fostering agencies of Polaris have contributed their thoughts on the words they commonly hear whilst in care, the meaning of those words and which they feel we should and should not use.

We’ve listened to this valuable feedback and produced our own “Speaking Charter” to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the language that we use, and how we speak about young people is more positive, based on strengths and more importantly, has been driven and sanctioned by our children and young people.

Download our speaking charter

Download the full list

All part of our dedicated and commitment to upholding #ThePromise – a pledge to ensure children and young people grow up loved, safe, and respected in care.

Together, we’ll work to promote the system change required to improve outcomes for looked after children.