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Getting back in to the school routine

Some practical and useful hints and tips for getting back in to the school routine after the holidays.

November 24 2020 - 4 min read

The late nights, the long lies, days out and no homework are coming to an end. The summer holidays are drawing to a close and it’s time to get the household back in to a routine for the new school year.

It can be a difficult time for young people, starting school for the first time, starting a new school or just going back after the holidays. So here are some top tips we have put together to try and help you make the transition as smooth as possible, for everyone!

Get back in to a routine

Restart the school routine a few days to a week before your young person actually has to return to school. Most children and young people work well with a routine in place; early to bed, earlier rise than what they have been having. Maybe even chat through with the young person what their routine will be like when they start back school; what time they will get up, getting dressed, having a healthy breakfast, how they will get to school and when you expect them home. So it’s less daunting for them and they know the boundaries.

Play Stations, Ipad’s, mobile phones…off!

Playing computer games and spending time on their phones can often get increased over the holidays as they have more free time. You might want to reduce their time gradually and make sure all electronics are off an hour before they go to bed. This will help them to wind down.

Get them involved

Give them a sense of responsibility and let them help you choose what they want for packed lunches the night before so it’s ready in the morning for them to just pick up out the fridge. Let them pick a new pencil case for the year ahead or some new school stationary, help them pack their school bag in advance.

Make sure they are looking forward to it

Talk to them and find out what they are looking forward to about going back to school or starting a new school. Address any concerns they may have. Find out what activities the school offers and see if they would be interested in getting involved in tennis, football, netball, band class etc.

Build a relationship with the school

It’s important to have a good relationship with your young person’s school. So you can let them know about any worries you may have or possible challenges they may come across with the young person. Let them know about your involvement in their life, without breaking confidentiality. Schools and teachers will be very understanding of the situation and will be there to help them and you.

You can speak to our Education Co-ordinator at any time for help and advice with your young person and school. We are here to work with you and ensure your young person gets the education they deserve.

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