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“It will have its challenges, but it is the most rewarding job you’ll ever do in your life.”

Meet Denise, a foster carer from Fife who left a career in education to dedicate the last 13 years to providing looked-after children with a happy, caring, and loving home.

October 24 2022 - 5 min read

To mark our 20-year anniversary, we asked some of our foster carers to share their fostering journey with FCA Scotland, reflecting on all the children and young people’s lives they’ve helped transform.

Meet Denise from Fife, who has been fostering for 13 years, after working in the childcare setting in education for over two decades.

Denise explains: “After seeing children from all walks of life, I just thought I could do something better than to just educate these children; I can give them a happy, caring, and loving home.”

Discussing the impact of fostering on her own family, she said: “My two own children see my foster boys as their family, they don’t see him as a looked-after child, they see him as their brother”.

Talking about the support from FCA Scotland, Denise said: “With FCA Scotland, you can guarantee no matter what you are going through, you can pick up the phone and speak to them about it and they will be there - it’s having that network around you that’s supportive.”

Lastly, when asked what advice she would give to someone who is thinking about fostering, she replied: “It’s not an easy job to do, it will have its challenges, but it is the most rewarding job you’ll ever do in your life. Being able to stand up and say in the last 13 years what we’ve achieved, and what we’ve given our two boys, that’s what makes fostering worthwhile.”

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