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We want to encourage all our young people to have their say and be a part of FCA Scotland. If you have any ideas for activities, would like support or advice with your career, or just fancy a chat, get in touch with us.

Growing stronger and better together

We want your voice to be heard so that we can make FCA Scotland better for everyone. 

We value your contribution and we’re always here to listen to help us improve the experiences of our services to be more young person-focused and provide better support for those entrusted in our care.

Just some of the ways you can get involved:

  1. Give your feedback about events, staff, and FCA Scotland.
  2. Help us with interviews and training for staff and foster carers.
  3. Come and get involved in activities.
  4. Take part in children and young people’s forums - have fun and tell us what you think.

Feedback Form

Help us improve your experience with FCA Scotland by letting us know if there is anything you are unhappy with or like to see improved. 

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Helpful Guides & Resources

Discover our guides which will give you some useful information about us and what it’s like to live in a foster family. These guides will also help us and your foster carers get to know you better, so they can understand your likes and dislikes to make you feel more comfortable in their care.

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