Becoming Independent

FCA Scotland want to help you when it comes to building independence by supporting our young people as they prepare to leave care.

Getting ready for adult life

Moving onto independent living can seem daunting, but leaving care doesn’t mean you’ll no longer be supported.

Here at FCA Scotland we pride ourselves on the support, guidance and opportunities we offer to help all our young people on the path to independence. Whether this is a care leaver or whether you are Staying Put with your foster carers, we offer all the tools to equip you with life after foster care.

A wrap-around team of support:

You are the star of the show here and will have a team around you to support you in conquering the challenges and grabbing the opportunities ahead. With you at the centre, you’ll have the following team working to support you:

  • Personal Advisor
  • Local Authority Social Worker
  • Participation/Education Team
  • Foster Carer
  • FCA Scotland Social Worker

University Applications

Remember to tick the box on your UCAS application to let the university or college you are applying to know you have been in care.

Look at the Care leaver’s guide, which explains the reasons why UCAS encourage you to tick the box in the care questions on your application.

This is confidential and will not be used against you. It does, however, let the right person at the university or college know that you might need financial or other support, and can help you put that in place before you start your course.

Become a Care Leaver Consultant

We recognise the power of the knowledge and experience you can bring to young people, foster carers and staff. As a Care Experienced Consultant you will be employed on a casual basis to sit on FCA panels (after training) and for staff recruitment. You will also be a part of our Journey to Foster Training for potential foster carers and may act as a mentor for other young people. This offers a great opportunity to build relationships within FCA Scotland, whilst gaining first-hand experience in employment.

You will have the training to enable to you:

  • Sit on interview panels
  • Mentor our young people
  • Engage in one of the many workshops we offer to our young people
  • Promote positive outcomes
  • Take part in foster carer training sessions
  • Be part of our panel process

Start Planning For Your Future

LifeSkills, created with Barclays is a great tool that will help you find out what your current skills, interests, and personality traits are, then find help to develop them further to support your future.


Contact Information

If you're looking for contact details or are not sure whom you need to talk to then our handy contact sheet is a great place to start!

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